Kirklees Shares is designed to help local organisations of all kinds to share resources, build connections and get things done.

The aim is to help good things happen between local businesses, community groups,charities and public sector organisations. Sign up for free and you can ask for help or let people know about any spare resources or skills that you are happy to offer.

It's a simple formula: share what you have, get what you need.

What's the big idea?

It's good to share. And tough times means it makes more sense than ever before to use skills, time and resources wisely to benefit our community. We're all in it together after all. Kirklees Shares is part of of 'the sharing economy' (that means we use an online platform to unlock previously unused, or under-used assets).

“We're in Kirklees Shares as it is a great way to build a strong network with our local community. Our biggest challenge is spreading the word that Oxfam have an important base in Batley and Kirklees Shares help us to bring supporters over our threshold to see our volunteering and shopping offer.  We're delighted to be able to offer our conference facilities for hire in return."
Holly Rothwell Oxfam Online

Featured Offers

Transit Connect van available for community groups to borrow FREE OF CHARGE to assist with their activities. Driver details will be required. More... Pressure Washer available for community groups to borrow free of charge for up to 12 weeks, collect from / return to Huddersfield. More... Folding box truck available for community groups to borrow free of charge for up to 12 weeks, collect from / return to Huddersfield. More..


Featured Wants

Do you think that you might have some sofas that you don't need it anymore? We would love to have it for our organisation. Your help is much appreciated! Thank you

We pass on free furniture and white goods to people who are in great need for free and we have to fund raise for white goods. Should you have any white goods you no longer need we would be very grateful indeed!
We are launching a free suit service
'Bee Smart - One Good Suit'
providing free suitable interview wear for people that can not afford. We need ladies and gents suits,shirts,blouses.skirts,blazers and accessories.

Ian Lawson of Cummins Turbo Technologies talks to Lisa Hewitt Chief Executive of Huddersfield Community Trust about the sharing economy.



Read here for a perfect example of what sharing can achieve

How does it work?

Once you join you can see who is offering what, make and receive offers yourself and build up your profile.

With Kirklees Shares people aren't selling stuff, they're offering what they happen to have and want to share.

You can join if you are:
• a business (of any size or shape)
• a community group or charity
• a public sector team or department

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