Ceramic Prints, tile company based in Brighouse, were relocating from Brighouse to Cleckheaton and had office furniture available. 
“Following the relocation of Ceramic Prints in Brighouse, some office furniture became available and we were delighted to offer this to Streetbikes- a not for profit organisation doing great things in Huddersfield who at the time were moving in to their new premises,” said Tony Taylor, CEO of Ceramic Prints
Gill Greaves from Streetbikes (a recycling initiative) currently unique to the area of Kirklees which aims to address the issues of getting more people to use bikes as a mode of transport and for leisure at grassroots level were moving in to new premises in Milnsbridge said:-
“What a great surprise for Streetbikes yet again, right place, right time.  Ceramic Prints has donated all this furniture that you can see in the pictures and what a massive difference it has made to our recycling centre. We had nothing but now we have a working area and an office and a kitchen, even the microwave is donated. Fantastic. “