Share what you have and get what you need

We all have underused 'stuff', whether it be people, things, expertise, or experience or time. Why not trade or exchange what you have enough of, to get more of what you need? 

Skill Description: True Colors® is an interactive, fun and amazingly accurate personality profiling tool, designed for people of all ages and backgrounds and particularly effective for teams. De-veloped from the Myers Briggs Type Inventory and David Keirsey’s Personality Typing research It helps people to develop a better sense of their personal values, needs, strengths and characteristics to define what is important to them. Team Building + Leadership Development Health and wellbeing + Managing Stress Improving Communication + Developing Resilience
Skill Description: Local lawyer Andrew Marsden (Brearleys Solicitor) will offer his expertise covering health and safety, mediation and other legal issues. Please submit questions or topics for discussion. Places must be prebooked.