We believe that when skills, time and resources get used by community groups and organisations, good things happen.

Stuff – do you have anything spare? Like meeting rooms? Training materials? Flip charts? Office supplies? Kitchen space? Catering equipment? Raw materials? Finished goods? Whatever it is, it could be just what someone else is looking for.
Know-how – what are the skills and knowledge that you could offer? Project management? It skills? Social media or website insights? Financial planning? Mediation? Recruitment skills? Training, development or coaching? Marketing, PR or Publicity?
Elbow grease – teams like a challenge, how about tree planting? Litter picking? Renovating? Painting? Marshalling? Auditing equipment or mending fences? Just a few ideas for practical one-day challenges.
Partners – some things take more time. We'd love to create collaborations that develop and grow, with give and take and benefits in both directions.

What are the benefits?

Stuff and skills get used - things get done – possibilities emerge - our community thrives
Benefits for business and public sector members.

Smart organisations connect with communities because it can help them to:

• promote their values and beliefs
• develop staff morale and skills
• discover new employees and customers
• reduce their environmental impact
• help make good things happen
Benefits for community groups and charities

Resources are low and time is tight, Kirklees Shares can help to:
• achieve goals
• develop skills and capacity
• save money
• become better known and understood
• help make good things happen

Kirklees Shares is a chance for businesses and public sector organisations to do things with (rather than to) local community groups and charities. Putting skills, time and resources to use in a different setting is a great way to develop and refine them. We want to find ways to work together that works out well for everyone involved.

Who is behind it?

Cummins Turbo Technologies
Volunteering Kirklees
Business in the Community
Buy it Direct
Kirklees Council
Paddock Community Trust